Sunday, June 20, 2004

Iran On The Road To Sustainable Development

Mehr News Agency English: "Iran On The Road To Sustainable Development
TEHRAN, June 20 (MNA) -- The Advisory Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) issued a statement in Tehran on Saturday predicting a strong and growing economy for Iran from 2004 to 2005.
According to the international institution, Irans economy will grow 6.5% during the next two years.

The IMF welcomed the objectives of Irans Fourth Economic Development Plan and emphasized that the way is open for the country to achieve sustainable economic development.

Economists say various factors have contributed to Iran�s sustained economic growth.

The increase of oil revenues and foreign exchange reserves, control of inflation, the growth of the industrial sector, and the increase in the level of trade are some factors that have led to the improvement of Irans economic indices.

In general, the economic policies Iran implemented in line with the Third Development Plan, the enhancement of investment protection, and the country�s stable economy are the main factors behind the recent economic growth.

The implementation of the laws on supporting private sector investments and exports was another effective measure taken in this regard.

In general, Irans economic sector has undergone positive growth over the past two years. This has led to an increase in wages and purchasing power and a rise in economic activities.

Irans economic indices show that the economy is growing.

In 2002, Iran had the highest rate of economic growth in the Middle East. The average economic growth rate was 1.8% in Persian Gulf littoral states and 2.6% in North African and Middle Eastern countries in 2002. However, Irans economic growth rate was 7.4% that year.


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