Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Iran has richest economy in Mideast

Persian Journal Economy - Latest Iran News, news Tehran Iranian News persian news web site sport irani news iranians site farsi women sport woman, newspaper football: "Iran has richest economy in Mideast
Jun 29, 2004, 07:27
The deputy economic minister of the German state of Baden Wuerttemberg said here on Saturday that Iran has the most remarkable economic and commercial potentials among regional states in the Middle East.

Ditter Frei, who is currently in the country meeting with Iranian businessmen, said Iran could be one of the most important economic partners for Germany in the near future.

Frei, during his nine-day stay in Tehran, is scheduled to discuss bilateral cooperation, particularly economic, with his Iranian counterpart.

The eastern German state of Baden Wuerttemberg exported goods and services worth 178 million Euros to Iran in 2002 which increased to 198 million Euros in 2003, he said.

He singled out Germany as Iran's second biggest trading partner worldwide, and said Iran and Germany have the potential to increase their mutual cooperation by diversifying their trade exchanges."


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