Wednesday, June 30, 2004

An Interview With Congressman Tom Tancredo (R - CO) Can he really Be This STUPID!

An Interview With Congressman Tom Tancredo (R - CO) - Right Wing News (Conservative News and Views):

Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Congressman Tom Tancredo is not willing to stand by and do nothing. He wants to help evil win. Look at his open blatant support for the group that kills American servicemen and seized our Embassy in Tehran. See how he glosses over the murder of civilians. Keep in mind this was a friendly interview. This was not a set up to snooker a dumb country congressman this is as he wishes to be seen. JBOC

"John Hawkins: Let me ask you another question, it's Iran related. I heard that you support the National Council of Resistance (NCR), a political arm of the Mujahedin-e Kalq (MEK)...

Tom Tancredo: Yes I do.

John Hawkins: While they are certainly an anti-Iranian group, the State Department says they are also terrorists. Do you believe that to be the case and...

Tom Tancredo: Well if you're a mullah in Iran, you definitely view them as a terrorist. They're not a terrorist threat to the United States. They pose absolutely no threat. In fact, they are a great asset. They are the ones who have brought to light almost everything we know about the nuclear capabilities...

John Hawkins: Now I'm just asking, have they made any sort of attacks on civilians or US troops?

Tom Tancredo: Back in the 1970s, right around the time of the takeover of our embassy and that sort of thing, they were accused of launching attacks against Americans. They deny it, but whether it's true or not, it was more than twenty years ago and they metamorphosed into the most significant threat to the present regime in Iran that exists today. The head of the organization is a woman who is very charismatic, she believes in women's rights, she believes in Democracy in Iran...I do support their efforts. I understand that the US characterizes them as a terrorist organization, but what you have to understand is that they were identified as such only after the Clinton administration agreed to mollify the regime in Iran. They wanted to reach some kind of detente with Iran, with the mullahs. The mullahs had only one demand, and that was that we put the Mujahedin-e Kalq on the terrorist list and so it was done for political reasons, not because they posed any threat to the United States.

John Hawkins: And they don't kill Iranian civilians or that sort of thing either?

Tom Tancredo: Well, they attack and do assassinate members of the Iranian government, yeah. That part of the world, it's not a Sunday school picnic over there.

John Hawkins: I understand. A lot of people seem to think Iran is going to fall in a revolution at some point. How long do you think they have or do you think that's the case necessarily?

Tom Tancredo: No idea. Believe me, these things are much too hard to predict. We're talking about so many variables. I can tell you, it would come quicker if we supported the Mujahedin-e Kalq.

John Hawkins: Should we be giving them a push...

Tom Tancredo: Absolutely, we should be aiding them instead of restricting their activities...

John Hawkins: As far as our Iranian policy goes, should we use troops, should we funnel arms to them...

Tom Tancredo: No, no, no, absolutely not. We can use the Mujahedin-e Kalq, they are in fact warriors. Where we need to use that kind of force, we can use them. Where we need to apply other kinds of force, we can do it. Economically, surreptitiously...we can do it.


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