Sunday, June 13, 2004

Description of Selected News

Description of Selected News: "Iran Prepared Economically, Scientifically To Join WTO

ISFAHAN (IRNA) -- Iran is fully prepared both economically and scientifically to join the World Trade Organization, said Director of the Education and Information Department at Iran's Representative Trade Office Mussa Musavi Zenuz here on Saturday.
Musavi Zenuz told IRNA here on Saturday that Iran is now economically superior to certain WTO members as the Organization's experts have acknowledged.
He said political problems are the main impediments to Iran's accession to the Organization.
He added that the U.S. has turned down Iran's request for entry to the WTO 17th times; blocking the approval of Iran's bid at the Organization.
The official said that a number of developing states as well as representative of European Union and non-official representative of the developing states to the Organization have supported Iran's call.
He referred to Turkey as an example of the group of countries that had supported Iran's bid to join WTO at the May 2004 session of the Organization's General Assembly and said the Turkish envoy had specifically criticized the U.S.' anti-Iran policy regarding its accession bid.
He said that in absence of the U.S. protest, Iran will start the accession talks with the WTO.
He added that the talks will take seven to eight years.
Elsewhere in the interview, Musavi Zenuz said it is not clear when the U.S. will stop opposing Iran's bid to joint WTO, something that is hard even for politicians to predict."


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