Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Boston.com / Wolfowitz may have been Chalabi's Friend but was he his Source

Boston.com / News / Washington / Wolfowitz describes Chalabi's activities as ''mixed picture'': "Wolfowitz describes Chalabi's activities as ''mixed picture''
By John J. Lumpkin, Associated Press, 6/22/2004 18:07

WASHINGTON (AP) Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz insisted Tuesday that the Ahmed Chalabi's organization provided information that helped U.S. forces in Iraq, but conceded that some of the Iraqi politician's recent behavior was ''puzzling.''
Wolfowitz, testifying before the House Armed Services Committee, denied that Chalabi was ever a favorite of the Pentagon, as he has been widely described.
Chalabi's star has fallen in recent months because much of the intelligence his group supplied on Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction programs failed to pan out. Last month, U.S. soldiers and Iraqi police raided his residence and office. Allegations then surfaced that he supplied Iran with classified U.S. intelligence on American monitoring of Iranian communications. "


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