Friday, June 25, 2004

Bahonar: Dismiss Tajzadeh

Bahonar: Dismiss Tajzadeh: "Bahonar: Dismiss Tajzadeh

Source: Hayate No
According to Hayate No, Mohamad Reza Bahonar, the general director of Islamic Society of Engineers said: 'The claim of lack of necessary freedom on the part of the President can, in some political circles, be interpreted as an excuse for escaping responsibilities or as projection.'
According to the public relations of this society, at the end of the meeting of the central council of Islamic Society of Engineers, Bahonar added: 'The inclination to acquire special freedom or increasing extension of the range of freedom tempts all the authorities, but it should not be forgotten that the people who voted for the president within the framework of the constitutional law, did so with complete knowledge of his limited freedom, therefore justification of the government's inefficiency in this way is not reasonable at all.
Bahonar also said: 'Presence of fair, free and equal atmosphere is the necessary condition for introducing candidates for the next election. For inviting competitors, the President should first dismiss the present authority responsible for the election to prove the government's good intention for holding a fair competition and secondly he should appoint an impartial person in his place.'
This ex-MP emphasized: 'For our future decision, we wait for Mr. President's move in this respect to assess the government's belief in democracy."


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