Friday, May 28, 2004

Yahoo! News - Was Dr. Alazmirli Murdered by US Military in Prison

Yahoo! News - Suspicion Surrounds Death of Iraqi Scientist in U.S. Custody:

Murdering old men in prisons is not what America is about. This needs to be investigated. JBOC

"BAGHDAD ? The death certificate issued by the U.S. military indicated that a prominent Iraqi government scientist in American custody for nine months had died of natural causes.

Doubtful, his family ordered an independent autopsy, which concluded that blunt-force injury caused the 65-year-old man's death.
And Mohammed Abdelmonaem Mahmoud Hamdi Alazmirli's body bore suspicious marks: He had a bruise on his nose, an abrasion on his cheek, a cut near his eye and a fractured skull. The Pentagon has named 23 of 37 detainees who died while in U.S. custody in Iraq and Afghanistan. Alazmirli was not among those named, and the military declined to say whether he was among the other 14. "


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