Saturday, May 15, 2004

Rumsfeld Approved IraqI Interrogation Torture

Yahoo! News - Rumsfeld Approved Iraq Interrogation Plan -Report:

Rumsfeld personally threw out the Geneva Convention and the standards of human decency upon which our country was founded. This is not a minor step. The logical argument used to defend sexually and physically abusing prisoners is not far removed from the ones used to justify the holocaust in Germany. JBOC

The New Yorker said the CIA, which approved using high-pressure interrogation tactics against senior al Qaeda leaders after the 2001 attacks, balked at extending them to Iraq and refused to participate.

"Such secret methods were used extensively in Afghanistan but more sparingly in Iraq -- only in the search for former President Saddam Hussein (news - web sites) and weapons of mass destruction. As the Iraqi insurgency grew and more U.S. soldiers died, Rumsfeld and Defense Undersecretary for Intelligence Stephen Cambone expanded the scope to bring the interrogation tactics to Abu Ghraib, the article said.
The magazine, which based its article on interviews with several past and present American intelligence officials, reported the plan was approved and carried out last year after deadly bombings in August at the U.N. headquarters and Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad. "


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