Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Mohammad Ali Abtahi - Very Odd Jokes in the Majlis

Mohammad Ali Abtahi: "One of the representatives was insisting hardly to point out a matter and Mr. Karrobi wanted to continue the session. That representative said:' I have sworn to God to talk.' Whenever Mr. President wants to talk to representatives of to make fun or kidding, he put away the microphone so that his voice cannot be broadcasted live in radio. I don?t know whether he had done this or no. So when the representative said that he has sworn to God, Mr. Karrobi told him in a scoffing way: 'sit dear! You have sworn to God and not to Imam Abbas!! This exactly broadcasted in Radio. When I arrived there I found out that they all know it was broadcasted. Mr. Karrobi said that?s a common joke!!

Leave apart kidding, our people make a special respect for Imam Abbas. "


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