Friday, May 14, 2004

Minister terms Ferdowsi as founder of Iranology

Minister terms Ferdowsi as founder of Iranology: "Minister terms Ferdowsi as founder of Iranology

Very Good move to recognize Ferdowsi for what he did. However the Shahnameh is far older then Ferdowsi. The great poet recorded the history of the people. For this we can thank him now by remembering his greatness. JBOC

Tehran, May 14, IRNA -- Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ahmad
Masjed-Jamei here Friday referred to the celebrated Iranian poet Abolqassem Ferdowsi as the founder of Iranology and historical dialogue between the Iranian culture and metaphysics.
Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 17th Tehran International Book Fair and 11th Press Fair at Tehran International Fairgrounds, he pointed to Ferdowsi`s memorial day and termed him as a celebrated sage who founded the core of Iran`s culture.
'The measures associated with introduction of the great epic created by the Iranian poet in verse, known as the `Book of Kings` (Shahnameh), should be reviewed and reminded in such a day,' he added.
Turning to the study of Ferdowsi and his epic work as a global cultural tradition, he hoped that the relevant cultural centers would develop new methods to promote introduction of Shahnameh`s great author to the present and future generations by government`s close support.


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