Sunday, May 09, 2004

Israeli Army Radio - Israel Preparing To Attack Iran

INDOlink - International News - Israel Preparing To Attack Iran N-Sites, Says Report:

To attack Iran without allowing inspectors a chance to verify the existance of a bomb project is reckless. Unsubstantialed reports of weapons of mass destruction caused the Iraq war. American youth must not be spent lightly, this is not the time to expand the war in the Gulf into the war in the Middle East. First the IAEA should be allowed to do its job. JBOC

"Israel may be preparing to attack Iranian nuclear facilities within the year, according to US administration assessments reported on Israeli Army Radio on Saturday.

The report was first released by an American wire service, which said President George W. Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had discussed the issue during Sharon's visit to the White House on April 14"