Wednesday, May 19, 2004

In Praise of Iran

Description of Selected News:

"By Sharon Lee Davies-Tight
Iran made a progressive move in passing a new law banning torture in its country. So often when the peoples of the world bring to light through peaceful means the practice of torture (and everybody knows what torture is), instead of a huge hooray, there?s hardly a mention of it. Why is the world so reticent to give praise where praise is due -- in any praiseworthy situation? Well, I guess the United States can?t praise Iran for banning that which the United States continues. I guess Israel can?t praise Iran, because they?re trying to convince the United States to bomb Iran along with Syria (and bombing equals torture), so that neither country poses a threat to Israel, which should convince anybody who still needs convincing, that Israel directs the war in the Middle East. Please note from the editorial department of the Jerusalem Post: ?Every American knows, and the IDF has learned long ago in Gaza and elsewhere, that the best defense is a good offense. We must keep the terrorists on the defensive in Gaza, but not just by military means. The US, as much as Israel, needs to put Teheran and Damascus on the defensive by taking the battle to them, or they will continu


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